Ask the PTA

In an effort to increase the ways that parents and family members can ask questions, raise issues, or suggest new ideas to the PTA, we (the PTA board) are starting two new communication initiatives:  
PTA on the playground, and "AskThePTA"
With PTA on the playground, a couple of PTA board members will be sitting at a picnic table on the playground (or somewhere indoors, likely the library, cafeteria, or teacher's lounge, in case of bad weather), for casual conversations, with possibly more time than is available at the larger PTA meetings.  We are spreading these out across days of the week and times of day so hopefully some of the times will work for everyone!
Check back for future dates for PTA on the playground:

See all events on the PTA school calendar.
Second, we have a new email address "".   Feel free to send any questions, suggestions, or offers to help to that account; it will be monitored and the questions sent along to the appropriate person.