School Year 2018-19

Owl Fund - Our Ask to You

Joining the Hearst PTA is free; however we ask that all families contribute to the PTA’s Owl Fund to support numerous programs the PTA provides to all Hearst students.

Here are examples of how the Owl Fund reached everystudent and staff member at Hearst last year:

  • Supplemental supplies and online learning tools for every classroom. Examples include i-Ready and Lexia.
  • Subsidies for a broad range of after-school enrichment programs
  • Uniforms for the school’s sports teams
  • Educational field trips for all seven grade levels, including transportation
  • Professional development programs for teachers
  • The "Specials" such as PE, Music, Art, STEM and Language, and a principal’s fund for priority needs.
Simply put, the Owl Fund makes Hearst a better school. DCPS funds alone are not enough to ensure we can live up to our motto of “The Best Little School in District.” In fact, close to 100% of this year’s school budget is going towards personnel expenses. The school’s ability to depend on the PTA to supplement essential classroom support is what gives Principal Thomas the flexibility to focus on people first, without having to worry about having enough supplies for the classroom.

We need help from every family atHearst to meet the Owl Fund’s $75,000 goal this year.We are asking 100% of Hearst families to give to the Owl Fund at whatever level is right for their family. While any contribution large or small is very welcome and appreciated we recommend a giving level of $750 per childattending Hearst Elementary. This amount breaks down to less than $4.00 per school day to ensure our children and teachers have access to learning opportunities and tools that are on par with any school, public or private, in the city. For parents of incoming Pre-K and Kindergartners it can be helpful to compare this amount to what you were paying in monthly childcare or preschool just a short time ago. Remember, your gift is tax-deductible so please consider giving beyond the recommended level if you can. All of our kids benefit.

To help reach our goal this year we will have a friendly competition across grade levels. Absolutely no names or contribution amounts will be shared–simply participation rates, e.g., if there are 40 families in 3rd grade and 20 have contributed the participation rate would be 50% and so on. Prizes will be awarded to all grade levels that hit 100% participation as well as a special prize for the grade level that is fastest to get to 100% participation. We’ll share more details on this via the website or flyers in kids’ backpacks, etc. as the school year gets underway! WE CAN DO THIS!

Please share this info with grandparents or others who would like to support Hearst too! It’s worth noting that the more we can raise through the Owl Fund campaign the less fundraising the PTA needs to do throughout the rest of the year – i.e., fewer “asks” for your time and money!

Make your gift:

Venmo@PTAfunds-HearstDCPS (please note that it is for the Owl Fund and the grade to be credited)
Paypal:  treasurer@hearstes.org
Online:  http://www.hearstes.org/owl_fund  Can do one-time or recurring payments

By check: payable to “Phoebe Hearst PTA” and mailed to: Phoebe Hearst Elementary School
Attn: Susan Chun, Treasurer
3950 37thSt, NW
Washington DC 20008

Being “The Best Little School in District” should be more than aspirational, it should reflect the attitude and dedication of our school community, and with the enhancements afforded to Hearst Elementary through the parent-sponsored Owl Fund, we can live up to our motto more fully than ever before! Hoot! Hoot! 

Please note, Hearst PTA is a 501c(3) organization and your contributions are tax-deductible.


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