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Hearst's PTA Owl Fund contributions support annual expenses such as classroom supplies, instructional software like Lexia and i-Ready, field trips and buses, after- school enrichment programming and management, sports uniforms, teacher professional development and much more!

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Give by check, cash, or card at a PTA meeting or by dropping an envelope in the PTA box at the security desk anytime Make your check payable to Phoebe Hearst PTA
(note your child's name and grade)

Mail your donation to:
Hearst Elementary
Attn: PTA Treasurer
3950 37th St NW
Washington, DC 2008
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Can do one-time or recurring payments

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Hearst's PTA is a 501 (c) 3 and your contribution may be tax deductible.


Teachers Love the Owl Fund!

The Owl Fund has provided me with the resources I need to bring an engaging and multi-sensory educational experience to my students. Over the years at Hearst, I’ve been able to purchase a variety of materials for arts integrated projects. The Owl Fund has enabled me to take basic content and transform it into creative and hands-on lessons. One of my favorite projects is creating necklaces in the style of the Aztecs. We use tissue paper and tin foil to represent the gemstones and metals. Without my classroom stipend, I may have altered this project to cut costs and instead had my students simply color on a worksheet. BoyleAshley1718.jpgMs. Boyle
1st Grade Teacher
DilleyKatie1718.jpgMs. Dilley
3rd Grade Teacher
With our PTA funds, we’ve been able to travel to the National Mall and explore monuments and memorials, giving our 3rd graders tangible experiences to expand what they are learning inside the classroom. Additionally, the funds have provided us with the opportunity to create a comfortable and inclusive classroom by allowing us to buy flexible seating options.
In 5th grade, the students have the privilege of going to Sandy Spring Adventure Park for their end of the year trip before they transition to Deal or other middle schools. The adventure park is a high ropes course where students are able to take risks, solve problems, work together, and spend quality time with one another before they leave the small community of Hearst. It is amazing to see students independently collaborating and forming memories that they will remember into their middle school years and it wouldn't be possible without our Owl Fund! LougheadEmily1718.jpg Ms. Loughead
5th Grade Teacher
ShultzKirby1718.jpg Ms. Shultz
2nd Grade Teacher
The Owl Fund has allowed us to bring in guest speakers to provide experiences for our students!  We have had someone visit from the Glen Echo Aquarium and bring a tank full of salt water animals that children get to touch and observe. The Owl Fund has allowed us to learn about ocean habitats in a much more interactive and engaging way. 
We cannot overstate how much we appreciate parents donating to the Owl Fund for our ELL students. In years past we have never had money to purchase our own supplies, which left us dependent on the largesse of homeroom teachers. With our Owl Fund money, we were able to purchase our own notebooks, pencils, glue sticks, scissors, markers and crayons, construction paper, ink, staples, erasers, and word games. All of these things have been a huge help to our ELL community. Thank you so much!! GarfieldBrian1718.jpg IbrahimAli1718.jpg    Mr. Garfield              Mr. Ibrahim
English Language Learners teachers


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