Another Week of Excellence!


It’s been another week of excellence at Hearst! Although it was a short week, starting on Tuesday, we filled the week with great learning experiences. Fourth and fifth grade students spent time this week mastering more features of Reader’s Workshop, as they practiced filling out their logs and thinking about great questions to ask about their reading. Third graders worked hard to create classroom rules. Ms Thomas’s 2nd graders had thoughtful discussion around Ghandi and his fight for freedom, making connections to other historical leaders who fought for others’ freedom. PK-1st grades worked hard this week to practice procedures and demonstrate their understanding of how their classrooms operate. All of this “frontloading” will certainly prepare these students to be more independent as the school year unfolds!


Upcoming Instructional Highlights!

•2nd-5th graders will begin using Rosetta Stone for Spanish instruction starting Monday.
•All students will begin assessment in reading.
•Mr. Coleman arranged a partnership with America’s Health, which will bring lots of health and wellness resources to Hearst staff and students!

New Staff Highlight

Stephanie_Johnson.pngStephanie Johnson is a new instructional aide at Hearst. She will be working primarily with 2nd graders conducting reading intervention. She has extensive experience working with kids in an “aide” capacity and has goals of going back to school to study education in some capacity. Ms Johnson has a sunny personality and has jumped into her work at Hearst full force!



reminder.jpeg•Line up starts at 8:30. Kids are walked into the building at 8:40. Students are counted tardy after 8:45.
•Students wanting breakfast should arrive by 8:15 to give themselves time to eat. Breakfast service stops at 8:30.
•Pick up is 3:15, and our parking lot is closed between 3:00 and 3:45. If you need to pick your child up early, please do so before 3:00. 
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