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Wow! We are already back in school and celebrating our first week completed! And what a successful week it’s been. We are all so excited to have this beautiful, new building and all of the new amenities we now enjoy, but beyond that we have been thrilled to welcome phenomenal new staff members and some fantastic new resources, including new technology 

that provides a computer for virtually every student in our building! And there’s more of that to come this year! I look forward to carrying this energy through the fall into the winter and all the way to June! I hope you’ll join me!

 This Week's Highlights!

  • We tweaked our line up just a bit to a new "U" shape, which has greatly improved the participation of all of our students.  Morning line-up is great fun!
  • We recognized the 50th anniversary of MLK's March on Washington with our own March on Hearst.  Then teachers spent time during the day connecting that activity to the celebration going on in Washington DC and the historical significance of the event.
  • There is a lot of final construction going on in the building, and it will continue for a few weeks. You might hear your kids talk about trucks they are seeing or big noises.  We are keeping any major noise limited to lunch/recess time or before school.

Monaghan.jpgNew Staff Highlight

Katy Monaghan is a new 3rd grade teacher at Hearst. Ms Monaghan is not entirely new to Hearst, however, as she completed her student teaching with Ms Walker last year in 2nd grade. Ms Monaghan comes to us from Boston via Catholic University. We are thrilled to have found a place at Hearst for her! Ms Monaghan loves the theater and as a child she dreamed of playing basketball. But, she says, “Genetics got in the way!”

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The youngsters have been back to the school for the acquisition of the knowledge and information. The visits of the have been productive in order to provide good tips for the school going students. The value of such students has been increased for the future courses of actions.
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