Book and Toy Drive

Hearst Annual Toy & Book Drive!!

For the 10th year, Hearst will be participating in a Toy and Book Drive to benefit children served by the Central Union Mission. Items will be collected between Monday, December 2nd, and Thursday, December 12th. We would like each of our students to donate one toy, one book, or one of each. All toys must be NEW and unwrapped. You can drop off your donations at the designated table that will be located beside the security guard's desk.
For book donations you may want to consider buying a few extra at our Scholastic Book Fair which will open next week. This way you are benefiting two organizations at once--Central Union Mission and our school library :) There will be a box at the book fair to drop off your book donations that are purchased there.
We collected over 190 items last year and we would like to match or exceed that number this year. So keep our drive in mind as you are out and about with family and friends over the next few weeks.
Here is a link to the gift suggestion list (NO GIFT CARDS FOR OUR DRIVE PLEASE):
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