Hearst Raffle

Help raise money for Hearst, sell raffle tickets!  Selling your tickets to neighbors, friends and family is the easiest way to have your community support Hearst.  The winning ticket for $1,500 will be drawn at the Auction, and the winner need not be present to win.

**Instructions for Sale of Raffle Tickets**

When you sell a ticket, please make sure the name and phone number are recorded.  Keep the ticket stubs (the smaller end of the raffle ticket with the name and address information on it) and check(s), put them back in
the envelope provided, and RETURN TO YOUR TEACHER on FRIDAYS only!  Checks should be made payable to “Hearst PTA.” If you do not wish to sell tickets, please return themto your teacher so that they can be sold by someone else.

**How to Get More Tickets**

We hope that you will sell many more than five tickets. Every extra ticket means more
programs at Hearst! If you need more tickets, leave a message or text with Sarah at
(202) 306-1305 or [email protected] with the number of tickets you need, your
child's name, and teacher's name. Tickets will be sent home with your child.
Teachers and the front office will also have extra tickets!
Tickets will be collected fridays March 6, 13, 20th. 27th