Weekly Update May 16th

Staff Highlight

My calculations indicate that I will not get to all of our wonderful staff members by the end of the year. So, in looking at remaining staff, I saw some themes forming. Here we have “The Men of Hearst” (okay – minus Mr. Coleman since he is new and was already featured). 

atley.jpg•Mr. Atley is in his 2nd year here at Hearst teaching 5th grade math this year. Mr. Atley is a personal trainer on the side and has great tips for health and wellness! He has two children and lives in MD.
garfield.jpg•Mr. Garfield is the ELL teacher here at Hearst, which gives him the opportunity to work with many of our new students as they come to the United States for the very first time! Mr. Garfield got married this year (to another DCPS teacher) and got to go to Turkey for his honeymoon over spring break!
toland.jpg•Mr. Toland is in his 3rd year here at Hearst and has evolved from instructional aide to math RTI support to full time Behavior Support Specialist. Mr. Toland supports all teachers and kids on a regular basis, ensuring the school day runs smoothly. Mr. Toland has two children, one of whom will graduate from high school this year and head off to college in the fall! Time flies!


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Weekly Update May 2nd, 2014

This has been a rainy, busy week. Fourth graders experimented with liquids; 2nd graders measured their friends with paperclips to learn about conversion;  PK students visited the Museum of Natural History; and, 1st graders in Art learned about symmetry and how to create symmetrical masterpieces! We also celebrated Autism Awareness Month on Tuesday with a special indoor line up – Hip-Hip-Hooray for our entire Autism team! We are so proud of this program, these kids and these incredible teachers!

Staff Highlight

desilva.jpgClaudia DeSilva is our most excellent Pre-School Autism teacher. Ms DeSilva is finishing her 2nd year here at Hearst, but she has been teaching for many years. She loves to run, and most recently, Ms DeSilva entered a PhD program where she is furthering her knowledge and understanding of special education. Pretty soon, we’ll be calling her Dr. DeSilva – or maybe Dr. D! J


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Post Spring Break Edition

I spent most of the week out of the building. But, boy did our Owls have some fun! On Thursday they got to go to Sidwell to see their middle school production. It was particularly exciting for our students performing in The Wiz because they got to see the stage where they will be performing and kind of analyze the process. They had lots of thoughtful questions and comments afterward!

Staff Highlight

wendt.jpgBetsy Wendt has been a counselor here at Hearst since January of 2012. She came to us mid-year from Marie Reed where she worked as a bilingual counselor, and although we don’t officially have a bilingual counselor here, Ms Wendt does a lot of Spanish translating for us. She also works with kids outside of school in programs like Big Buddies, which gives them access to fun field trips on Saturdays. Ms Wendt has a daughter who graduated from high school last year and she loves to travel. 


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Weekly Update April 11th, 2014


Whew! We did it! CAS tests have been packed up and shipped out. Standing Ovation for our 3rd, 4th and 5th graders for their hard work! And to our staff who completed CAS administration with such ease (it seemed). Now, on to more exciting news! CAS Kickball was a huge success. Students played each afternoon after testing and celebrated the end of a long two weeks of testing with a pizza party! Thanks to Mr. Toland for coordinating the tournament! PK-2nd grade students have been working extra hard this week. I’ve seen 1st grade students creating their own version of Cinderella and PK students studying the life of a seed. In Kindergarten students created a beautiful garden out of basic shapes, which they cut all on their own!
Check it out in the main hallway!

I hope everyone has a safe, relaxing and fun Spring Break! 

Staff Highlight

hargrove.jpgJanice Hargrove has been an aide in our self-contained Autism classroom at least since my arrival in 2011. Ms Hargrove, I believe, is the best kept secret at Hearst. Because her classroom is not in the spotlight, many of you may not even know her. But, she is one amazing educator! And, she has a smile that lights up any room. If you’ve not met Ms Hargrove, I encourage you to drop by  room M202 and introduce yourself! 


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Weekly Update March 28th, 2014

What a great week it’s been at Hearst! Despite the snow, we actually completed a FIVE DAY WEEK, and our students were amazing! I got to watch 1st graders working on word lists, and 2nd graders working on Fact and Opinion. We had an amazing Spirit Week full of fun outfits! Check out the collage on the back! Finally, the Personnel Team has begun interviewing potential candidates for next school year. It is very exciting as we look for our very first Music Teacher! 

CAS Testing Starts Next Week!

test.jpgGET SLEEP!



Staff Highlight

whittaker.jpgMs Whittaker has been an aide for Ms Prince’s Kindergarten classroom for many years. She brings a patience and kindness to Hearst everyday that lights up the hallways! Her love for music is clear when she works with kids. She is even helping to coordinate the vocal music for the production of The Wiz this school year! Ms Whittaker has her own kids who are very accomplished and have inherited her incredible smile! 

2015 Budget Highlights

•Full Time Music Teacher
•Full Time Spanish Teacher
•Add another .5 Reading Teacher
•Create Full Time Math Support
•Increase Office Support to 2 Full Time Positions
•Add 3rd – 5th Grade Autism Classroom
•Maintain all ET15 Positions
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