Weekly Update March 21st, 2014

I cannot believe this week started off with a snow day! Where is the sunshine??? Once we returned, however, our kids jumped right in to learning! Ms Boyle’s first graders created a tour of the world, brining in artifacts from around the globe. With some help from parents, kids got to visit China, Thailand, Ghana, England, Israel, and many other countries, learning about their money, clothing, food, language and much more. Ms Ball’s K-2 classroom celebrated Mardi Gras this week with stories, songs and of course, masks and beads! 


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Staff Highlight

forbes.jpgMs Forbes is in her 2nd year at Hearst as an instructional aide. This year she is working with Ms DaSilva in our PS Autism classroom. Ms Forbes has two boys of her own and is going to school to become a teacher!

1st graders visit China!




It’s Mardi Gras in K-2!



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Weekly Update March 3, 2014

Another busy week here at Hearst! This week, our 3rd graders have spent a lot of time working on, well TIME!. They are mastering reading analogues clocks and figuring out elapsed time. Not an easy task in a digital world! Our dancers spent February working on dance numbers related to Black History Month. At this month’s PTA we will be featuring some of those dance numbers by our Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd graders! Come check it out! Finally, we are really trying to work on safety and security of our building. Parents coming to school between 8:45 and 3:15 may report to the security desk to sign in. Parents will only be permitted to visit classrooms during school hours if they have made an appointment with the teacher. Students can be sign out early before 3:00. Between 3:00 and 3:15 we are preparing for school dismissal and cannot do individual early dismissals. 
We appreciate your support !

Staff Highlight

jOHNSON.jpgMs Johnson is a 2nd year teacher here at Hearst, but a veteran reading teacher. She brings her love of reading to school every day to share with our students, and gets them excited about READING! I like to call Ms Johnson, our resident, Book Whisperer! Ms Johnson has two kids of her own – both boys! Her husband is one of our brave members of the National Guard, currently serving in GERMANY! He works primarily as a combat medic. We thank him for his Service!






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Weekly Update February 28th, 2014

As the Sochi Olympic Games came to a close, all of us at Hearst reflected on the Olympic games. Throughout our school we embraced the Olympics, and teachers used their creative juices to incorporate much of the Games into their lessons. In Ms Boyle’s classroom, students tracked the medals, creating charts and graphs throughout the process. In Ms Schiers’ class, students created Olympic Posters. And, in Ms Barron’s 2nd grade classroom students created their own “Olympics Cereal Boxes” to display in the hallway. We are all ready for Spring, but it was great fun to celebrate winter, winter sports and the spirit of healthy competition!

Staff Highlight

hicks.jpgMs Hicks works at Hearst as an aide in the K-2 Autism classroom. Ms Hicks works very closely with students on a daily basis, helping to improve their reading and math levels and work on social-emotional development.  Ms Hicks enjoys spending time with her family when she’s not at Hearst. Actually, even when she is here, she’s not too far from family, as two of her granddaughters are Hearst Owls.

ivan.jpgIs your child reading for 30 minutes every night?

Teacher’s College in NYC suggests this is the MINIMUM reading children should be doing at home daily!

Dr. B recommends:

The One and Only Ivan

Great book for parents to read TO their kids! (And EVERYONE will love it!)

 Owls Celebrate Shochi!


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Weekly Update February 21, 2014

We all returned from a very long weekend (almost a spring break!) refreshed and ready to jump into learning! This week started with 3rd grade students taking their first Reading PIA online! They did a great job! This was all so new to them, but they were terrific! Fourth and 5th grade students got to listen to the National Symphony at the Kennedy Center. In PK, Ms Holman’s students learned about the solar system. Discussions about planets, constellations, and even shooting stars were so exciting. The kids absolutely LOVE this topic!


Staff Highlight

Walker.jpgMs Walker is a Hearst veteran and a Maryland native! This year she moved from classroom teacher to reading specialist, where she supports individual students in reading and offers teachers support as well. Ms Walker also shares many of her talents with our students after school as she runs the cooking club and works with the drama team on The Wiz. Ms Walker is a dedicated fan of the Baltimore Ravens and the Baltimore Oriels! On a sunny Saturday you might find her at the stadium donning her  official team jersey and cheering on her team!

4th & 5th Grade Visit the Kennedy Center and enjoy a day at the Symphony!



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Weekly Update January 17, 2014

It’s been another busy week here at Hearst!

Our 2nd graders have been practicing different ways to do double digit addition! I got to see them trying lots of different strategies to work on accuracy and speed. In Ms Boyle’s scientists experimented with CHOCOLATE! They had fun AND got to learn about different states of matter. We had some indoor PE days as well, but Mr. Coleman had his athletes moving! Using a fun, interactive SmartBoard program, students spent their indoor PE time in full PE mode. I’d call it Insanity for Elementary School!


Staff Highlight

Vandivier.jpgMs Vandivier has lived and worked in the Hearst neighborhood for many, many years. As the school librarian, she works to establish a literacy rich environment throughout the school. Ms Vandivier takes great pride in the beautiful library she has developed over her years here. Through creative fundraising efforts she has created a collection of over 10,000 books for our students to enjoy! Ms Vandivier has four (almost) grown children and loves to garden and knit!

YUMMY Science in 1st grade!






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