PTA Meeting - Wednesday January 13th Agenda

Hello everyone. Below is the agenda for the next PTA meeting, which is this Wednesday (Jan. 13) from 6-7:30 pm in the new gym.

The PTA will provide childcare (with cheese pizza and juice boxes or water) from 5:30-7:30 for people attending the meeting. Advance registration not required, but if you know you'll be using the child care, please let us know for our planning purposes by signing up here.
Following the agenda in this email is a copy of the message PTA co-presidents Liz Stuart and Jacqui Settles sent to the listserv earlier this week concerning the formal vote whether to spend up to $12,000 from the PTA budget on a divider for the new gym.
5th grade presentation
Treasuer’s report
Formal vote whether to spend up to $12,000 from the PTA budget on a divider for the new gym
Auction update
Enrichment update
Update on upcoming events
Preview of board elections for next school year
Tutoring/after-school homework club
Principal’s report [including PARCC update]
Hi everyone,
This is a formal notice that at next week's PTA meeting (Wednesday 1/13, 6pm in the gym) we will hold a voice vote on whether to spend approximately $10,500 of PTA funds on a gym divider for the new gymnasium.
As a reminder, last spring the PTA body approved a budget that included a $20,000 new building fund for unexpected expenses (such as this), with the note that any expenditure from that fund greater than $2,000 would be brought to the PTA body for a vote at a PTA meeting.  So that is the process the board is undertaking now. 
Principal Thomas has identified a gym divider as a priority in the new space. The gym divider will be a fabric screen/curtain type product that will be installed to hang down from the ceiling.  It will allow the gym to be divided into two areas, which will be very useful, for example, during indoor recess days, so kids can be eating lunch on one side and playing on the other side. It can also be used to divide the space into two parts after school, for different groups to use.  Principal Thomas has gotten a quote for one (including installation) of approximately $10,500 and is waiting on two other quotes. So that we don't slow the process down we are going to do the vote at the January meeting so the installation can proceed once Principal Thomas decides on the final contractor. 
The vote next week will be:
"To use approximately $10,500 (no more than $12,000) from the PTA budget's new building renovation fund to purchase a gym divider for the gymnasium."  Yes/No.
The PTA board has voted unanimously in favor of this expense and we are now bringing it to the parent body.
A full agenda for next week's meeting is forthcoming later in the week but we wanted to give advance notice of this particular vote.  Please come to the meeting with any questions, or reach out to any board members before then.
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