Room Parent Request Update

Dear Hearst family,

Many have responded to the call of being a room parent, but there still a few classes in need of support.  

Consider being a room parent for your child’s classroom. Each class should have 2 or 3. If you’ve done this in the past, you know the benefits. If you’ve not, I’ll tell you from experience that it’s a great way to support your child, the other students, and the teacher throughout the year.

The role of the room parent is easy. You’ll receive basic guidance from the PTA, and then you and your room parent team can fulfill the direction as you see fit. The tasks are simple; they’ll include distribution of Hearst event information, class gifts for teachers, and the creation of the class project for the Hearst auction. It’s a super way to connect with your class community.

Join in. Create your own team with a couple of your friends and the work will be productive and enjoyable. Sign on today to become a room parent. Reply directly to me at [email protected] or see me on the Hearst campus.

Happy at Hearst,
Charles Greene
Father of Avalon - first grade

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