Update 2/15/16

A happy snowy President’s Day to you all, 
Please see below for several important announcements and remember to complete the budget priorities survey as soon as you can (link below).  There’s no news yet about what tomorrow will hold in terms of a possible delayed start to school so keep an eye on social media and news outlets tonight and tomorrow morning.  
I hope you’ve had a wonderfully enjoyable long weekend,
The Week Ahead
Wednesday, February 17
4:30-5:30 LSAT Meeting, Conference Room
Friday, February 19
9:15-10:45 Open House, Meets in Library
9:30-10:30 PK/K Fashion Show, Gym
Upcoming Events
Monday, February 22 – Teacher Work Day – no school for students
Tuesday, February 23 - PK & K APTT Meetings, 6:00–7:15
Wednesday, February 24 - 1st, 2nd, and CES  APTT Meetings, 6:00–7:15
Thursday, February 25 – 3rd and 5th Grade APTT Meetings, 6:00-7:15
News and Announcements
Nursing Change
Our new full-time nurse, Nurse Dehdyeti Cooper, started with us last Monday.   Nurse Cooper comes to us with several years of experience as a school nurse and has already made herself home at Hearst.  Should you want to reach Nurse Cooper, please feel free to call her in the nurses suite on 202-282-0258 or stop by to say hello.
After School Tutoring
After school tutoring will begin the week of February 23 and letters of invitation will be sent home on Tuesday and Wednesday  to the students recommended by teachers.  Recommended students will have first priority for tutoring and should we have the ability to invite more students, we will do so by the end of the week.  Homework Club will also start the week of February 23 and more information about the hours and location will be shared in my next update.
Teaching Perseverance
Following is a link to a short article titled Getting Past “I Can’t”, from Responsive Classroom. The article includes several strategies and tips for how to respond when your child is having an “I can’t” moment and I hope you’ll find it informative.  http://www.responsiveclassroom.org/getting-past-i-cant/
Budget Survey
Hello Hearsties!  On behalf of the LSAT I invite you to participate in a survey about budget priorities for the upcoming school year. Below you'll find some background information on the DCPS budget process and at the bottom a link to an anonymous Google Doc Survey.  Please submit your response as soon as you can (maybe over the long freezing cold weekend ahead!).  All responses received by next Friday February 19th will be reviewed by the LSAT
The Hearst LSAT (Local School Advisory Team), comprised of parents and school staff, in cooperation with Principal Thomas, are seeking input fromHearst Parents about Budget Priorities for SY ’16 – ’17.   A similar survey is going to Hearst staff.    To set realistic expectations about the potential impact of survey results we wanted to first share a brief background on the DCPS budget process as well as the basic makeup of the Hearst budget using SY ’15 – ’16 figures as the example.
DCPS Budget Process
DCPS issues draft budgets to schools; this year draft budgets are expected to be issued on or about February 19th.  This year we expect to have 2 – 3 weeks for the Principal and LSAT to review the draft budget and provide feedback on requested changes to DCPS.   DCPS reviews and issues final budgets back to the school; typically in March.
There are certain expenses essentially mandated by DCPS which schools are unable to change.  As one small example in SY ’15 – 16 Hearst was required to spend approximately $1,695 on “Recreational Materials”.   
Overview Hearst DCPS Budget for SY ’15 –‘16
Hearst’s total DCPS budget in SY ’15 – 16 was $3,665,712.   Over 98% of the budget is for staff; major categories are shown below.  There are 58 total staff at Hearst in SY ’15 – 16.
Classroom Teachers PK – 5th 39.4%   also includes FT Reading Teacher
Special Ed & English Language Learners   24.2%   includes CES (formerly Autism) staff
Admin & Custodial (incl. Principal)                 12.4%  Cafeteria staff not included
Related Arts Teachers  11.4%   includes Library, Art, Music, PE, Spanish
Social-Emotional Student Support 6.3%    e.g. Guidance Counselor, Social Worker
Instructional Support     5.2%    K & 1st Partner teachers, Math Specialist
As an important note, less than $25,000, or 0.7%, of DCPS funds was allocated for supplies including all office, maintenance classroom supplies, library books, recreational materials, etc.   Assuming roughly 300 students enrolled that equates to $83 per student for the year.  These limited DCPS funds for supplies, etc. are a key reason the PTA raises money through the Owl Fund Campaign, the Spring Auction and other fundraisers. Much of the PTA funds are given to classroom teachers to ‘fill the gap’ in classroom supplies and materials that DCPS funds simply do not cover.
Survey results will be considered by the LSAT and Principal Thomas during the budget review and submission process.  However, please understand that  limited flexibility within the DCPS budget structure means survey results cannot be guaranteed to change the Hearst budget for SY ’16 – 17
News and Announcements from Central Office

FREE STEM Summer Program for 3rd-5th Grade Students

The Summer Engineering Experience for Kids (SEEK) program is one of the National Society of Black Engineers' (NSBE) contributions to increasing the representation of black students in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. This three-week program is designed to expose children to STEM fields as early as the 3rd grade.  Students participate from 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. daily. This year the program will take place at John Burroughs EC from 7/8-8/5. To register click here. For questions, contact Lauren Allen.

PTA Corner

Greetings from the PTA. If you haven't submitted information for the school directory, please do so at the link below. We're putting together the final version this week and would like as many families as possible to be able to contact each other. Thanks. bit.ly/HearstPTAInfoForm2
Here are some PTA events for this month:
Friday, Feb. 19Hearst open house, 9:15-10:45 am. We're looking for volunteers for any time between 8:30 and 11 am, even if only for 30 minutes. Parents of 1st - 5th graders: please let us know if you can volunteer this week as the PK/K fashion show overlaps with the open house and many of our regular volunteers have kids in the show so we will need additional volunteers. Please email [email protected].
Saturday, Feb. 27: Second of three wine parties in preparation for the Hearst auction. Hosted in Ward 1, RSVP directly to [email protected]. Details to come via listserv.
Sunday, Feb. 28: next Enrichment Committee meeting, 7 pm, Tenley Whole Foods
Other upcoming events include:
March 9: next PTA meeting
March 16: special meeting to discuss the next PTA budget
March 19Hearst 5K
March 19: third of three wine parties for the auction
April 16: Hearst DC United match
June 12: Hearst Nationals game
And remember, the 2016 Hearst auction is Saturday, April 9, at 6:30 pm. Buy tickets at http://www.hearstes.schoolauction.net/2016
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