Update 3/19/17


Good afternoon Owls,

It was a wacky weather week that passed, but the forecast looks great for this week and we should get lots of outdoor recess time once again.  In addition to Green Week (see below), we have Potomac Pizza night tomorrow, the We Are Family Food Drive concludes on Thursday, and the auction is on Saturday. If you haven’t done so already, please buy your tickets to the auction as it’s always a good time and raises money for a great cause – our school!

Thanks for your continued support,


Quick Updates

·         The custodial team is awarding the Golden Broom Award to Mr. Stacey and the third grade students for having a consistently clean classroom.

·         The NW Current this week features the Hearst Dispatch, attached, written by the Rock and Roll Sharks.

·         Our next Potomac Pizza night will be Monday, March 20. Please join us from 4-9pm at 19 Wisconsin Circle, Chevy Chase, Md. Dine in or carry out but please make sure to mention you’re with Hearst and our school will receive 20 percent of our proceeds. If you’re not convinced to come, check out this video: Revised video and link for Monday 20 March Potomac Pizza Night



News and Announcements from Hearst

Our Amazing Owlthetes!

In addition to having the city’s best boys elementary basketball team for two years running (see a video recap of the boys’ season made by Kidest, Zayma’s mom, here:  Click to Download) and the second-place girls basketball team, Hearst Owls have also been winning trophies and medals for track and cheerleading.  Last weekend, 4th grader Payton Jones, who competes on DC Speed, was recognized as one of the top track and field athletes in the country at the 2017 AAU Indoor National Track and Field Championships in Landover, MD. She was crowned as an All-American in the long jump, 4x200 meter relay, and the 200-meter dash. Payton is also the National Champion in the long jump and on the National Champion 4x200 meter relay team.  Additionally, first grader Claude-Eric Nicolas, Jr. became an All-American as well. His team, D.C. Speed Track Club's 7&8 year-old boys (he's 6) placed 5th in the country in the 4x200 meter relay. Finally, the Hearst Recreation Center Lady Owls placed 1st in the 9 & Under division at the DPR City Wide Cheer/Dance Championship this weekend.  Members of the team include: Tanya Zulu, Betiko Harris, Chayse Owens, Kyah Wallace, Natalie Dickinson, and Mia Westhoff. See attached for a picture of our amazing Owlthletes!  

Hearst – We Are Family Food Drive

The Food Drive ends this week. Please consider sending in non-perishable foods (e.g., whole grain cereal, pasta, rice, canned foods) for donation by Thursday. Items will be collected in each classroom and on a table in the atrium. Thursday, March 23, students will have the opportunity to help assemble bags that will be delivered to seniors from the food collected. On Saturday, March 25, from 10:00 am – 1 pm, families are invited to join We Are Family to deliver the grocery bags to our seniors in the Columbia Heights neighborhood. We will meet at: Kelsey Apartments 3322 14th St. NW Washington DC 20010 (a block north of the Columbia Heights Metro) After an orientation, we will send volunteers out in teams to deliver groceries in the neighborhood. A car is not necessary, but useful. Feel free to email Tulin with any questions at [email protected]. Thanks for your support

Green Week

This week is Green Week at Hearst, sponsored by the Junior Creators SEM group.  Please see below for more information.


Monday - "Make a Change Monday" Students will sign pledges to make Hearst a more environmentally friendly place and we will display them as a collage in the lobby. Classroom pledges will be placed in mailboxes for classes to sign and display as a sign of their pledge to making their classroom more environmentally friendly.


Tuesday - "Plant Party Tuesday" We will be distributing plant seeds and materials to classrooms to grow plants. Our hope is to eventually plant these in the school garden.


Wednesday - "No Waste Wednesday" We will be encouraging students and staff to avoid wasting paper/electricity. Obviously, some is unavoidable, but our goal is to only reuse and save paper as much as possible or avoid printing all together. Same goes with electricity. 


Thursday - "Thoughtful Food Thursday" We will be encouraging students and staff to dispose of food in the correct way, particularly in terms of composting. This also goes for not wasting food or the materials used to wrap food. For example, avoid bringing in plastic bags with food or find another way to transfer them to help the environment.


Friday - "Recycling Contest" We will be distributing recycling bags to each classroom and see who recycles the most throughout the day. Junior Creators have noticed that many classrooms have not been cautious when recycling and want to encourage classes to recycle in the best way possible. Whoever has the most recycled by the end of the day will receive a prize/trophy from Junior Creators to display. 


Pete’s Fundraiser:  On Tuesday, April 4, the CES program is holding a fundraiser at Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza (4940 Wisconsin Ave NW) to raise money for additional educational supports for our classrooms.  Between 11 am and 10 pm, join us for some yummy pizza (dine-in or take-out) and mention you are with Hearst at the counter.  25% of the proceeds will go directly to our CES program!  Don’t forget to mention “Hearst” when you pay so that a portion can go towards supporting our program! 

Social Emotional Learning Update 

Over the past month, K-5 classrooms have been working hard on developing “problem-solving skills” through our whole-group social-emotional learning lessons. As we wrap up this focus, lessons are beginning to focus on teaching “emotion-management” skills and connecting these skills back with “problem-solving.”  We are introducing students to various strategies to help them with managing experienced emotions.  Please feel free to use the framework below and language at home to reinforce positive steps for calming down/managing strong emotions.

What to do when you experience a  “strong emotion”:

Stop and Think.

1. Ask yourself, “How does my body feel?”  (What are your body signals? For example, is your face getting red or hot, are your muscles getting tight, are you crossing your arms, are you breathing heavier, etc.).

2. Try a calm down strategy. (i.e. taking three deep breaths, counting backwards slowly, thinking calming thoughts, and talking to yourself.”

3. Think out loud to solve the problem.

4. Think about it later. Ask yourself: “Why was I angry or upset?” “What did I do?” “What worked?” “What didn’t work?” “What would I do differently? “Did I do a good job?” 

5. If you’re really upset and/or if you’re still upset after trying some calming strategies and need help with calming down, ask an adult for help.

Problem-Solving Steps:

1.       What is the problem? (state it fairly)

2.       What are some solutions? (try to name 2-3)

3.       For each solution, ask yourself:

a.       Is it safe? (If the solution is NOT safe, do NOT use it!)

b.      How would others feel?

c.       Is it fair?

d.      Will it work?

4.       Choose a solution and use it.

5.       Is it working?---Yes! If not, what can I do now?

Over the past month, CES classrooms and Pre-K classrooms have been working hard on developing emotion-identification skills and continuing our work with building awareness of “facial clues,” “body language clues,” and situational context clues” to figure out how someone may be feeling.  “Whole-body listening” cues also are being introduced to support focusing skills in the classroom (i.e. We listen with our eyes, our ears, our mouth, our hands, our feet, our body, our brain, and our heart). 

Parent Educational Event Series:

This past Wednesday we held our first Parent Educational Event on the topic of “Teasing, Relational Aggression, and Bullying” with our guest speaker, Suzanne Greenfield from the DC Office of Human Rights.  A take-away from the group discussion is that the term “bullying” has become overused when describing student behavior. Not every mean action, unkind word, or peer related conflict is considered “bullying.” We’ve attached the handouts from the presentation for your reference (attachment: SEL).  If you would like hard copies of the handouts, we have them available for pick-up in the main office. Our next Parent Educational Event will be in April. More information will be sent out soon.

News and Announcements from DCPS

Chancellor Wilson Postcard Write-in Campaign – Postcards available at the Security Desk in the Atrium

As a part of Chancellor Wilson’s public engagement during March and April, the Office of Family and Public Engagement is conducting a citywide write-in campaign to gather even more information for the next iteration of the DCPS strategic plan.  Last week all schools received “Shape the Future of DCPS” postcards in both English and Spanish as well as a Feedback Ballot Box and manila envelopes for collection.  Postcards are not to go home in backpacks, rather each school should disseminate the postcards during the day to students, staff and families and place the collection box at the front desk.   In order to collect as much feedback as possible we need your help-thank you in advance.   

Keeping DC Schools Safe for All Families and Students

All students have a constitutional right to a public education and DCPS welcomes school children and their families, regardless of their immigration or citizenship status.   In conjunction with the Mayor’s Office, DCPS has prepared several documents that address immigration issues and how to best protect DC students, DC families, and those who work at DC schools. The first document (Keeping DC Schools Safe for All - Protocol for DC School Officials) is guidance for school administrators on ways to communicate with immigrant families who have expressed concerns with immigration enforcement. The second document (Keeping DC Schools Safe for All Families and Students) is a communication that schools can send home with students as a reminder to families that DCPS welcomes school children and their families, regardless of their immigration or citizenship status. Both documents can be accessed HERE.  

PTA Corner 

Hello Owl Families!

Raise the Roof!! Our annual auction is this Saturday, March 25 at the UDC Student Center. If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, please do so now. We have some amazing items to bid and it is an awesome opportunity to socialize with other parents and school staff. You can buy your tickets here: https://hearstes.schoolauction.net/2017/tickets/ticket_sales 

Raffle Tickets! An easy way to support Hearst is by selling raffle tickets for a chance to win cash. Tickets are $5 each for a chance to win a $1,500 cash prize. We hope every student can sell at least five tickets, but if you do not wish to sell tickets, please return them to your teacher so the tickets can be sold by someone else. If you need more tickets, text Kim at (240) 463-6804 or email [email protected] with the number of tickets you need, your child's name, and teacher's name. We will also be selling tickets at the Hearst Auction on March 25.

Upcoming Events: 

·         Community Dining Night: Our next Potomac Pizza night will be tomorrow, Monday, March 20. Please join us from 4-9pm at 19 Wisconsin Circle, Chevy Chase, Md. Dine in or carry out but please make sure to mention you’re with Hearst and our school will receive 20 percent of our proceeds.

·  PTA Meeting: The PTA will hold its next regular meeting on Wednesday, April 12  at 6pm in the library. Pizza and childcare will be available for all potty-trained kids. Please check the website and listserv for sign-up information.

·  Open House Tours: Looking for an opportunity to share your Hearst experience? Look no further than the next Open House on Friday, April 14. If you have time to help out by greeting visitors, giving a tour or just setting up, please email Kay Parry at [email protected].

·  Consider Running for the PTA E-Board: Elections are coming for positions on the 2017-2018 PTA executive board. If you are interested in running or volunteering, please reach out to a current executive board member: http://www.hearstes.org/pta_executive_board_members



News and Announcements from Outside Organizations


Children's Yoga and Mindfulness Training for Teachers in DC

My name is Annemarie Garcia and I am writing from a children’s yoga and

mindfulness organization called Little Flower Yoga. We are a Yoga Alliance

certified training program and we’ve been providing teacher trainings

across the country for over 10 years. We are dedicated to supporting the

emotional, mental and physical health and well-being of students,

educators, health care providers and families through the tools of yoga

and mindfulness.


I am reaching out to you because for the first time we will now be

offering our research-based training in Washington, DC and we would love

to support you at Hearst ES with information and an education discount on

the training tuition. Our first weekend of training will take place April



It would be wonderful to have members of your teaching and support staff

with us at teacher training this spring. This unique professional

development opportunity can directly support any initiatives at your

school around social emotional learning, student wellness and teacher

self-care. Our program and approach is rooted in current child development

and neurobiology research, with the express goal of helping children

thrive in the world regardless of circumstances, and navigate the many

challenges they face with a sense of personal power and self-awareness.

Getting teachers trained in mindfulness and yoga builds capacity

internally within your school, supporting a sustainable and affordable

implementation track.


We are bringing our Level 1 Children’s Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher

Training to Washington D.C. April 8-9, and will be returning to DC this

spring for Level 2 and 3 making it easy for teachers to complete our

certification This training is great for educators, counselors, social

workers, health care providers, OTs, PTs, school safety officers, and

parents. We would love to have teachers and staff from Hearst ES join us.

You can learn more about the training on our website at



We are happy to offer all employees of the D.C. Public Schools a $100

discount on the full training price. Teachers and staff can register

online at http://littlefloweryoga.com/events/cat/washington-dc and use

discount code WDCEDUCATORS upon checkout. I'm also happy to help you

register staff over the phone if that is easier.


Have a wonderful day,



Annemarie Garcia

Little Flower Yoga

The School Yoga Project

[email protected]


212-634-7890 ext 1


LFY works to support all children and teens in the development of strong

inner resources. Our goal is to help kids thrive in the world regardless

of circumstances, and navigate the many challenges they face with a sense

of personal power and self-awareness.


We share yoga and mindfulness based practices that give children full

access to the resources of their body, breath and mindset, and do so

within the context of compassionate, respectful relationships. Programming

is available for students, educators, parents and allied professionals.


Learn How to Code Video Games at the Microsoft Store!

Color Coded Kids has partnered with the Microsoft Store located inside the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City. For elementary and middle school students interested in learning how to code their own video games or would like exposure to computer programming instructed by certified industry developers.

WHO: AGES 8 -14

WHERE: Color Coded Kids is now offering “App Lab” 12-week course in the Microsoft Store in Fashion Centre at Pentagon City

WHEN: Saturday, April 29, 2017 through Saturday, July 15, 2017 (one hour a week for twelve weeks)

TIME: 1:00pm-2:00pm

COST: $320 (Sale Through April 15th, then $400) Act Now! Only 10 spots available

Classes are instructed by industry leading developers in the field of software development and computer programming. 




Register Now




Kennedy Center Performance Offer: SHIFT A Festival of American Orchestras

The Kennedy Center and Washington Performing Arts are collaborating to present SHIFT, a weeklong festival that spotlights North American orchestras of all sizes from Monday, March 27, 2017 to Saturday, April 1st, 2017. The festival includes various events, such as performances in the Concert Hall, a free pop-up concert, and a free musical hike. The Kennedy Center is offering the opportunity to purchase tickets to any of the orchestra concerts in the Concert Hall for the discounted price of $10. To purchase the discounted tickets, click the link below:


Tuesday, March 28: Boulder Philharmonic: TKC.co/5GKX

Wednesday, March 29: North Carolina Symphony: TKC.co/5GQJ

Friday, March 29: Atlanta Symphony Orchestra: TKC.co/5GQL

Saturday, April 1:The Knights: TKC.co/5GQM


Please share this offer with your school’s faculty and students.


More information on the concerts are below. To learn more about SHIFT and the various events that will be going on during the week, please go to: https://www.kennedy-center.org/festivals/shift/


SHIFT Orchestra Concerts —

The following events will take place in the Kennedy Center Concert Hall.


Boulder Philharmonic

"Nature and Music" is this program's theme, inspired by Boulder's natural beauty and an example of how the orchestra responds to its location. The concert features a multimedia commission commemorating the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service.

Mar 28

Concert Hall



North Carolina Symphony

The orchestra offers an innovative program, deeply evocative of North Carolina, represented in particular by four composers with ties to the state: Pulitzer Prize winner Caroline Shaw, Sarah Kirkland Snider, Mason Bates, and Robert Ward.

Mar 29

Concert Hall


Atlanta Symphony Orchestra & Chorus

ASO presents "Creation/Creator" by Christopher Theofanidis, a theatrical and multimedia oratorio featuring soloists and the 180-piece choir and orchestra. The work explores creation and the creative process using texts from a wide range of sources.

Mar 31

Concert Hall


The Knights

This deeply collaborative and creative chamber orchestra from Brooklyn brings a program featuring the San Francisco Girls Chorus along with works by Brahms, Vivaldi, Aaron Jay Kernis, an original commission by Lisa Bielawa, and excerpts of a work created by the orchestra.

Apr 1

Concert Hall



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