Time Flies!

Week four has come and gone. That’s 10% of the school year over! How can that be!Tflies.jpg

We know time flies, so it is even more important we make the best of the time we have with our students during the school day. Each teacher has a very specific daily schedule created to maximize instructional time every day.

Daily students have 120 minutes of literacy, 90 minutes of math, and 45 minutes of science/social studies.

We are still seeing a large number of tardies! So we may maximize our school day, 

please be sure your children arrive to school on time! 

 Upcoming Instructional Highlights!

•Students are currently being assessed in reading. It is important you know your child’s reading level.
•We will have a new math assessment coming soon. Stay tuned for more details!
•1st and 2nd graders have begun using STMath. You may hear your children talking about it. For now, STMath access is limited to school use. We may provide home use later in the school year. 

Ashley_Boyle.jpgNew Staff Highlight

Ashley Boyle is a recent graduate of James Madison University where she completed a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education. Ms Boyle has worked with kids in the past as a swim coach and discovered her love of teaching her first year of college. She is a huge Harry Potter fan and a history buff!

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