Weekly Update May 16th

Staff Highlight

My calculations indicate that I will not get to all of our wonderful staff members by the end of the year. So, in looking at remaining staff, I saw some themes forming. Here we have “The Men of Hearst” (okay – minus Mr. Coleman since he is new and was already featured). 

atley.jpg•Mr. Atley is in his 2nd year here at Hearst teaching 5th grade math this year. Mr. Atley is a personal trainer on the side and has great tips for health and wellness! He has two children and lives in MD.
garfield.jpg•Mr. Garfield is the ELL teacher here at Hearst, which gives him the opportunity to work with many of our new students as they come to the United States for the very first time! Mr. Garfield got married this year (to another DCPS teacher) and got to go to Turkey for his honeymoon over spring break!
toland.jpg•Mr. Toland is in his 3rd year here at Hearst and has evolved from instructional aide to math RTI support to full time Behavior Support Specialist. Mr. Toland supports all teachers and kids on a regular basis, ensuring the school day runs smoothly. Mr. Toland has two children, one of whom will graduate from high school this year and head off to college in the fall! Time flies!


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