Weekly Update May 2nd, 2014

This has been a rainy, busy week. Fourth graders experimented with liquids; 2nd graders measured their friends with paperclips to learn about conversion;  PK students visited the Museum of Natural History; and, 1st graders in Art learned about symmetry and how to create symmetrical masterpieces! We also celebrated Autism Awareness Month on Tuesday with a special indoor line up – Hip-Hip-Hooray for our entire Autism team! We are so proud of this program, these kids and these incredible teachers!

Staff Highlight

desilva.jpgClaudia DeSilva is our most excellent Pre-School Autism teacher. Ms DeSilva is finishing her 2nd year here at Hearst, but she has been teaching for many years. She loves to run, and most recently, Ms DeSilva entered a PhD program where she is furthering her knowledge and understanding of special education. Pretty soon, we’ll be calling her Dr. DeSilva – or maybe Dr. D! J


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