Weekly Update October 18th, 2013

fall_leaves.gifIt was a short week, but it was still busy here at Hearst! Our PK students were discovering why leaves change color. They even learned the word chlorophyll! Ms Boyle’s 1st graders were discovering the differences between American and Japanese coins. They asked questions and then tested their theories. In 5th grade social studies, Mr. Garfield led his students through the Westward Expansion and had students thinking about why folks would have wanted to move to a land they knew nothing about. Interesting!

Lots of exciting things going on at Hearst! Enjoy the beautiful weekend weather! 


New Staff Highlight

Kirby_Shultz.jpgKirby Shultz is one of our Pre-School Aides in the Autism PS classroom. Ms Schultz comes to us in her final year of study at George Mason University. She is studying to become an early childhood teacher. Ms Shultz brings her sunny personality, kind nature and enormous patience with her to work every day! She is a wonderful addition to the Hearst family. 


This year we are working with Flamboyan to increase our family engagement in academic areas. Part of this work includes holding APTT style conferences instead of the typical 15 minutes conferences on conference day. Most teachers will NOT have typical conferences on 10/21. Instead, on 10/24 there will be two choice sessions. One at 4:00 and one at 6:00. These sessions will enable teachers to give parents more comprehensive information regarding their students’ achievement and how they can work with their kids at home. 

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