Weekly Update October 3rd, 2013

hot_weather.jpgIs it fall or is it summer? The weather just cannot decide! Well, the warm weather is great for kids at Hearst who get to enjoy lots of playtime on our beautiful playground. In the classroom this week our students in 4th grade math were busy figuring out how to predict patterns and looking for many ways to problem solve. In 5th grade math students were creating and solving their own decimal addition and subtraction problems using decks of cards. Ms Barron’s 2nd graders have been looking at text features to enhance their reading experiences. 

New Staff Highlight

Christina_Brown.jpgChristina Brown is new to Hearst but not new to the classroom. She comes to us with 8 years of teaching experience, including 5 years at Stokes Elementary in Washington, DC. Ms Brown (who really prefers to be called Ms Christina) is a creative energetic teacher. Her classroom is a peaceful place where you can often here classical music playing in the background. Ms Brown recently bought her first house where she lives with her adorable two year old little girl.


This year we are working with Flamboyan to increase our family engagement in academic areas. Part of this work includes holding APTT style conferences instead of the typical 15 minutes conferences on conference day. Most teachers will NOT have typical conferences on 10/21. Instead, on 10/24 there will be two choice sessions. One at 4:00 and one at 6:00. These sessions will enable teachers to give parents more comprehensive information regarding their students’ achievement and how they can work with their kids at home. 


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