Hearst Whole Foods Day, September 25th!

Tell your families.  Tell your friends.  Tell your neighbors. 
Tell your families’ friends’ neighbors…


I know we have a lot going on at the beginning of the school year, and we hate to add one more thing to your plate.  But the Tenleytown Whole Foods has agreed to give Hearst 5 percent of its sales during Wednesday, September 25.  Each of last year’s “5% days” made more than $5,000.  This is a huge opportunity for Hearst that we just could not pass up.

What do you have to do? 

  • Shop at the Tenleytown Whole Foods that day.  Even if you don’t regularly shop there, stop by and buy a few things.
  • Delay purchases until then and then stock up on nonperishable items and fill your freezer. (Wine and beer counts! Sadly, gift cards do not.)
  • Eat in the café or bring home supper that night.
  • Tell everyone to come.  Post on Facebook.  Spam them with emails.  Seriously, this event is one where your friends, family, and neighbors at other schools and organizations will not be harming any of their own efforts.  It takes little effort on their part and they can help us a lot.
  • Stop by the Hearst table to say hello and encourage other customers to spend a little more.


The Hearst Fundraising Committee

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