Group of young children on the Hearst playground.
Three students on the Hearst playground.
A student looks a baby chick that is being raised in the classroom.
Principals Geoffroy and Chen dressed up as Pizza & Taco for Halloween.

The Best Little School in the District!

The front of the Hearst school building.

The Hearst Mission

Hearst Elementary School is committed to providing all students with a rigorous curriculum integrated with exposure to the arts. Our school is dedicated to encouraging healthy living and an appreciation for the world around us. Our staff work as a team to promote a positive atmosphere from PK through 5th grade.

We offer an excellent academic program, a multicultural student body and teaching staff, small class sizes, and attention to the arts, wellness, and the environment. We're very proud of our outstanding leadership, experienced teachers, involved neighbors, and happy kids!

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for more in school year 2024–25!
Principal Geoffroy headshot

Principal Geoffroy's Moment of Joy

Two very similar yet separate moments of joy occurred for me this week, both on Wednesday as I was walking with students to their classes. As we were walking, the two students, both without a word, slipped their arm through mine and we walked arm in arm the rest of the way to their classes.

Both were small moments during an otherwise busy and stressful day and grounded me in what's important—the human connection and particularly connections and relationships with kids. During these times when it's easy to feel overwhelmed by all that we have going on in our lives, I wish you your own moments of joy and connection each and every day.