Boy sliding down a slide on his feet on the Hearst playground.

About Hearst

Service-Oriented. Resilient. Inclusive. Empowered.

We actively work to ensure that Hearst is a safe and positive community where students, staff, and families have a sense of belonging and significance. In our learning environments, whether virtual or in-person, we strive to remove barriers, promote student autonomy, and offer individual choice. As a staff, we are focused on responding to students’ individual, cultural, and developmental learning needs and strengths. Taken together, these principles and goals are the foundation for why we believe Hearst is the best little school in the district.

School Leadership

Principal Jen Geoffroy
Dr. Elke Chen
Principal Jen Geoffroy
Larin Rottman
Assistant Principal
A group of girls dressed in track uniforms after a cross country meet.

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