Enrolling at Hearst

Thank you for your interest in Hearst Elementary School.

If you are interested in enrolling in grades K-5, you can find out whether Hearst is your in-boundary school by typing your address into the School Finder. If Hearst is your neighborhood school, and your child will be attending grades K-5, the SY23-24 DCPS enrollment packet is available here.

Please note that all PK4 seats in general education are assigned through the MySchoolDC lottery, regardless of whether your student is in-boundary or out of boundary. Also, all K-5 out-of-boundary seats are through the MySchoolDC lottery. However, seats in Hearst's self-contained CES classrooms are not accessible through the lottery. All CES self-contained seats are through placement by Early Stages or the DCPS Office of Specialized Instruction.

Enrollment for School Year 2023–24

Enrollment paperwork should be submitted remotely. If you have questions about that process, please feel free to call Jonyce Cole, Hearst's registrar, at 202-282-0106. Enrollment forms are available English, Spanish, Amharic, Chinese, French, and Vietnamese. The forms should be submitted securely using SeamlessDocs, along with documents showing proof of residency (and in the case of new students only, proof of age.) Please see the attached files for examples of what types of residency documents are accepted. If you have matched to a seat in the lottery on March 31, 2023, you have until the close of business on Monday, May 1st, 2023 to complete your enrollment paperwork and keep the matched seat.  

In order to complete our class assignments for the next school year, we would encourage everyone who plans to enroll at Hearst do so as soon as possible. Every student who intends to return to Hearst MUST submit an enrollment packet to the school; if your student will be leaving DCPS next year, please also let Hearst know so that we may provide you with the appropriate paperwork to transfer your student's records to their next school.

If you have questions about enrollment, you can send a message to the Hearst Enrollment e-mail at HearstESenroll@k12.dc.gov or call Hearst's registrar, Jonyce Cole, at 202-282-0106.

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