Hearst Read-a-Thon

The Hearst Read-a-Thon started in 2020, when an inspiring teacher ran a marathon to raise money for families whose finances were hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. A year later, when many activities were restricted by pandemic lockdown, a read-a-thon was a good way for Hearsties Owls to do something together, while remaining safely distant. Today, while the greatest dangers of the pandemic have receded, the needs of families in the Hearst community remain.

During the 2024 campaign, 108 Hearst Owls participated—more readers than any previous year. A record 60 students achieved 1,000 minutes—also more than any previous year. Hearst Owls smashed the school-wide goal by collectively logging a stellar 132,336 minutes! Most importantly, Owls' reading efforts earned more than $11,000 toward the Families in Need fund. Every dollar received from Read-a-Thon will secure grocery gift cards for Hearst families to use during winter and summer breaks.

We are grateful for every reader and supporter who embodied the Hearst value of serving our community. Hoot hoot!