Hearst Read-a-Thon

The Hearst Read-a-Thon started in 2020, when an inspiring teacher ran a marathon to raise money for families whose finances were hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. A year later, when many activities were restricted by pandemic lockdown, a read-a-thon was a good way for Hearsties do something together, while remaining safely distant.

Today, while the greatest dangers of the pandemic have receded, the needs of families in the Hearst community remain.

Back for a third year, the annual Hearst Read-a-Thon combines two important things:

  1. A love of reading, and
  2. Our community's commitment to supporting families in need.
    Every dollar raised goes toward grocery gift cards to be distributed by Hearst's social worker.

Thank you for participating in this collective effort!

Learn more about our campaign and join in at our Read-a-Thon website!